Marcelo Arias

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These are some of my projects

I like to learn and experiment with more technologies in Open Source projects.

Technologies and organizations

A little more about me

Brief Story

At 13 years old I was fascinated by the Internet and how it worked. I develop my first website and published on Christmas 2015. Over the years, I've learned to code and how to build websites and web applications considering performance and accessibility.

Tech Writing

Then, I started writing about technology, programming, and other topics that I find interesting in DEV. Last year I published Codebase. A newsletter for web development and machine learning.

Work at Start-ups

I've worked at two start-ups as a Software Developer: Blaze and Tutoom. Please check out my LinkedIn profile for more information about how I've contributed to the product development of these companies.

Open-Source Contributor

I love to create and contribute to Open Source projects (Websites, apps, browser extensions, plugins). Currently, I'm working on NASA Open Mission Control Technologies. A mission control framework for visualizing telemetry.

Educative Content Creator

I've two YouTube channels (for English/Spanish-speaking communities). "Tech and Marcelo" is a channel where I share my knowledge about programming. "Arte de programar" is a channel where I teach Computer Science concepts with animations and drawings.

Lifelong learner

Graduated in Software Development career. I always try to learn new things and experiment with new technologies. It's the best way to keep up with the fast-paced world. Not everything I learn is related to programming. Space exploration and Aerial Robotics are topics that I love to learn about.


I love to create!

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