Marcelo Arias

FrontEnd Engineer at Bitorical • Python DeveloperPlatzi CS teacher • Medium writer • Producer of Arte de programarNotion creator • OpenAI Community Member • 20 years

What things I do?

Hi! My name is Marcelo.

When I was 13, I created a social network app that had up to 10K visits per month. Then I worked in startups doing or teaching tech.

I'm Computer Science teacher at Platzi.

I'm FrontEnd engineer at Tutoom, a startup where we build the video conferencing platform for universities.

I've produced Arte de programar, an audiovisual project, where I explain Computer Science concepts with animations and drawings.

I'm speaker at Data Science Research Peru.

Every month I write in Marce.log (my blog).

Former Fractal Full-Stack developer.

I'm a graduate of student of the National Institute of Technology in Software Development.

Sometimes I compose soundtracks and melodies.

Biography and timeline

I was born on February 25th in Lima.Since I was 11, I started watching documentaries (like Inside Google or Brilliant Minds) about tech companies and startups. I dreamed of creating one.I created my first social network with PHP at the age of 13, motivated by stories about people creating technology products, which at the time had 10,000 visits per month.At the age of 14 I dedicated myself to managing my social network. It became my most important project throughout my adolescence. Good times. Between donations to support the platform, I got my first bitcoins. I joined Twitter.At 15 I started studying online through Google Activate. I understood the basics of web development and machine learning. While using forums I discovered Platzi, a community that I am a part of to this day.At 16 I created a website for my school with a freenom domain. I started a blog «My room on the Internet» where I wrote some thoughts and reflections about tech. I complete my first Platzi course: «Personal Branding». I started making music compositions on SoundCloud.At 17, I started studying Software Development at the national institute of technology by academic excellence. I also became a volunteer at Filosinapsis, a link-sharing project for college education resources. I met Damián Pedraza (Creator of El Traductor de Ingeniería). I got my first personal laptop! I started learning about React.js.At 18 I started a YouTube channel to explain computer science concepts: «The programming art». I published my first collection of poems. I applied for and got a scholarship to learn machine learning at At the beginning of the pandemic, I completed the Remote Work Platzi course. I started studying at Platzi as Expert+, create my portfolio, and got my first job as a FrontEnd React developer at Fractal. I participated as a WebScrapping Python developer in Data Science Research Peru. I enrolled and took classes for six months in the Master in Social Innovation. I learned to use Scikit-Learn for my experiments.At 19 I became teacher of computer science at Platzi. I started writing (again) on my Medium blog. OpenAI sent me an invitation to try GPT-3, the most advanced language model that OpenAI has, and so far. I became an active member of the OpenAI GPT-3 forum. I became a FrontEnd engineer at Bitorical, my second start-up, building Tutoom. I started studying my favorite note taking app, Notion and its components. I premiered El algoritmo imposible on my YouTube channel.At 20. I'm in the development of a new course for Platzi. Using technical writing to document my team's software on Tutoom. Created and launched some web tools like PlatziKey and MiniEdit. I bought the latest generation Macbook Air M1.