Marcelo Arias

FrontEnd Engineer at Tutoom • Python DeveloperPlatzi CS teacher • Medium writer • Producer of Arte de programarNotion creator • OpenAI Community Member • 20 years

What things I do?

Hi! My name is Marcelo.When I was 13, I created a social network app that had up to 10K visits per month. Then I worked in startups doing or teaching tech.I'm Computer Science teacher at Platzi.I'm FrontEnd engineer at Tutoom, a startup where we build the video conferencing platform for universities.I've produced Arte de programar, an audiovisual project, where I explain Computer Science concepts with animations and drawings.I'm speaker at Data Science Research Peru.Every month I write in Marce.log (my blog).Former Fractal Full-Stack developer.I'm a graduate of student of the National Institute of Technology in Software Development.Sometimes I compose soundtracks and melodies.

Biography and timeline

- I was born on February 25th in Lima.
- Since I was 11, I started watching documentaries (like Inside Google or Brilliant Minds) about tech companies and startups. I dreamed of creating one.
- I created my first social network with PHP at the age of 13, motivated by stories about people creating technology products, which at the time had 10,000 visits per month.
- At the age of 14 I dedicated myself to managing my social network. It became my most important project throughout my adolescence. Good times. Between donations to support the platform, I got my first bitcoins. I joined Twitter.
- At 15 I started studying online through Google Activate. I understood the basics of web development and machine learning. While using forums I discovered Platzi, a community that I am a part of to this day.
- At 16 I created a website for my school with a freenom domain. I started a blog «My room on the Internet» where I wrote some thoughts and reflections about tech. I complete my first Platzi course: «Personal Branding». I started making music compositions on SoundCloud.
- At 17, I started studying Software Development at the national institute of technology by academic excellence. I also became a volunteer at Filosinapsis, a link-sharing project for college education resources. I met Damián Pedraza (Creator of El Traductor de Ingeniería). I got my first personal laptop! I started learning about React.js.
- At 18 I started a YouTube channel to explain computer science concepts: «The programming art». I published my first collection of poems. I applied for and got a scholarship to learn machine learning at At the beginning of the pandemic, I completed the Remote Work Platzi course. I started studying at Platzi as Expert+, create my portfolio, and got my first job as a FrontEnd React developer at Fractal. I participated as a WebScrapping Python developer in Data Science Research Peru. I enrolled and took classes for six months in the Master in Social Innovation. I learned to use Scikit-Learn for my experiments.
- At 19 I became teacher of computer science at Platzi. I started writing (again) on my Medium blog. OpenAI sent me an invitation to try GPT-3, the most advanced language model that OpenAI has, and so far. I became an active member of the OpenAI GPT-3 forum. I became a FrontEnd engineer at Bitorical, my second start-up, building Tutoom. I started studying my favorite note taking app, Notion and its components. I premiered El algoritmo imposible on my YouTube channel.
- At 20. I'm in the development of a new course for Platzi. Using technical writing to document my team's software on Tutoom. Created and launched some web tools like PlatziKey and MiniEdit. I bought the Macbook Air M1. I've surpassed 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. I launched the Reactive Programming with RxJS course at Platzi. Then I launched Hackbank, the first interbank transfer calculator in Peru in App Store and Play Store.