Marcelo Arias

Software Engineer — @360macky

Marcelo creates things like apps, websites, plugins and libraries. He writes and produces videos. With more than 9 years building things that live on the internet. Loves bikes, robotics, and astronomy. Speaks Spanish, English, and French.

Graphem SoundAir SmartUp NASA OpenMCT
Photograph of Marcelo Arias


From the concept, the design, the development, and the deployment.
The following is a selection of projects I've worked on.


NPM Library

GraphQL telemetry plugin connector for NASA visualization framework

Graphem, a plugin that allows viewing telemetry data in NASA Open MCT directly from a GraphQL server, built to experiment with real-time data from the successful Artemis I mission.



Web Platform

Computer Vision web app recognizer of objects in camera with speech

Scanner Cam is a web application that uses the TensorFlow.js computer vision library to detect objects in real time with the camera of a mobile device or a computer.



Image Generator

The web app to create high-precision images with Stable Diffusion

Dreamify is the web application that allows you to generate images with AI without sign up and for free. It uses the Stable Diffusion model to generate images. The model is run on cloud with Replicate.



Music Platform

The platform to discover music generated/remixed by AI

SoundAir is a platform that allows you to discover music generated/remixed by AI. I built the largest collection of music generated by AI and I am adding more music every day.



Web Extension

Chrome/Safari extension that improves Platzi with keyboard shortcuts, integrated whiteboard and Zen/SSH mode

PlatKey is a browser extension that helps Platzi students to solve exams faster in Platzi. Also the browser extension provides new functionalities to improve the experience of taking classes in Platzi. And it is available in Chromium browsers and Safari.



Brief Story

At 13 years old I was fascinated by the Internet and how it worked. I develop my first website and published on December 2015. Over the years, I've learned to code and how to build websites and web applications considering performance and accessibility.

First projects

After learning more and more about web development, I started working on my first projects. I created a website for a local business, a website for a local school, and a website for myself. After high school I chose to study Software Development at the National Institute of Technology.

Tech Writing

Then, I started writing about technology, programming, and other topics that I find interesting in DEV, the largest community of software developers.

Work at Start-ups

I've worked at two start-ups as a Software Developer: Blaze and Tutoom. Check out my LinkedIn profile for more information about how I've contributed to the product development of these companies.

Open-Source Contributor

I love to create and contribute to Open Source projects (Websites, apps, browser extensions, plugins). Currently, I'm working on NASA Open Mission Control Technologies as a contributor. A mission control framework for visualizing telemetry.

Educative Content Creator

I found "Arte de programar", an audiovisual project where I teach Computer Science concepts using animations, drawings, and effects. I'm also working on "Tienda 42", a store oriented to software developers.

Lifelong learner

Graduated in Software Development career. I always try to learn new things and experiment with new technologies. It's the best way to keep up with the fast-paced world. Not everything I learn is related to programming. Astronomy and Aerial Robotics are topics that I love to learn about.

Independent Developer

I’ve created Dreamify, a platform that helps people to generate art (images, videos, and more) using open-source Machine Learning models. It has over one thousand users.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence

In the rise of Artificial Intelligence, I joined SmartUp AI, a start-up that powers the future of communication and collaboration with AI. I worked on the design, development, research, and deployment of the platform. SmartUp AI was recognized in 2023 as one of the top AI-native startups in Latin America.

Software Studio

I started the Astronomical Software Company, my own Software Studio in 2023. With the goal of scaling all my projects, experiments and products into one technology brand.